The Best Cleaning Products EVER!

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I am in full blown cleaning mode. I started staying home with my babies again just before all of this quarantining happened and had decided to tackle one room of my house a day. Now that I’m forced to stay home all day, I’m getting even more deep cleaning done!

I have seriously tried SO many cleaning products and finally have narrowed down a tried and true lineup of my favorites.

Here we go!

Method Squirt and Mop Floor Cleaner– There is both an all hard floor cleaner and a wood floor cleaner. We use both and love them! They smell amazing and are so easy to use. You literally just squirt it on the floor and wipe it up with a damp mop. No need to get out the entire bucket every time and it’s great between those deep clean mop sessions.

Bissell Spotbot Pet– I have two dogs and two kids. Along with them come a ton of accidents. This tool makes it so easy! I just put the cleaner in the chamber, set it on the spot, and press start! I don’t have to be on my hands and knees scrubbing. Once it’s done, the pet messes, juice, marker, etc. is completely cleaned from my floor. This tool has saved me so much time and sanity.

Aunt Fannie’s Carpet Refresher– This powder neutralizes odors and is great for homes with pets. We vacuum often, but occasionally like to sprinkle this on the floor for a little scent refresh, especially when we’ll be expecting company. The scent is amazing!

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers– I have a three year old that likes to color, particularly on my walls. I can’t tell you enough how many times these “sponges” have saved my precious wall paint. Just dampen and wipe away the mess! I use them a lot, so I prefer the extra durable, but both work great.

Grab Green Baby Bottle Dish Soap– Anyone with kiddos knows that milk residue (especially breastmilk residue) is incredibly hard to get out of bottles. This product easily removes the residue and smell and is safe to use on all baby products (pacis, toys, breast pump accessories, etc.). It even has reduced foaming so it’s easy to rinse, is all natural, and is made in the USA.

O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop & Bucket System– Call me a nerd, but I actually asked for this for Christmas. I was so excited to try it out and, let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. It takes next to no effort to wring out this mop, which is a nice change from our old mop. All it takes is the press of a foot pedal. My three-year-old even loves helping with this. If you hate the grunt work of mopping floors, this takes that away!

Method Power Dish Dishwasher Pods– My husband is the dishes do-er around here. He also refuses to rinse his dishes when he’s done with them. He can stick his dirty dishes right in the dishwasher with one of these pods and they always come out clean. You may as well call these a little miracle worker.

Shark Steam Mop– I am obsessed with this product. I like to steam mop my floors once a month or so because it just makes them feel that much more clean. It’s amazing how much dirt and grime I am able to get off of my floor with this mop even after they’ve been cleaned. Full disclosure, mine is an older model so this is the updated version. My only negative is the cord is a little short, but it looks like this updated version has a longer cord, so yay!

Grove Replaceable Head Walnut Scrubber Brush– This is another of my husband’s favorites (since he’s the dishes man). But I must say, when I’m forced to do the dishes, I am so thankful for this little gadget. The heads are replaceable so you can just replace those instead of throwing away the whole brush. It’s gentle enough to use on all of our dishes, but has some serious scrubbing power for the hard to get junk.

Method All Purpose Cleaner– I saved this one for last because I literally use it for everything. Cleaning off my dining room table, the high chair, the kitchen counters, the fridge shelves, you name it and this little cleaner can take care of it. This particular cleaner isn’t antibacterial (it’s sister product, Method All Purpose + AntiBac, is great for that), but uses powergreen technology to be tough on dirt and grime, while still being family and pet friendly. There are five scents, but Pink Grapefruit is my all-time fave!

Many of my favorite products are from Grove Collaborative. I love that I can just order online and in a few days it’s delivered to my door! Not to mention, the products smell great and there are a ton of different products to try. The customer service is top notch and I always like doing business with genuinely good people/companies.

Start your Grove experience today and receive a FREE Home Bundle with your first purchase of $30+

So there you have it, my favorite cleaning products of all time, and trust me I’ve tried a ton! I’m always open to trying new products though, so what are some of your favorites I should check out?

All my love,


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