The Best FIRST Birthday Gifts!

Knowing what to get a kid for their birthday is tough. Knowing what to get a ONE year old, who can’t really talk or express what they want, is even harder!

My daughter is juuuuust about to turn one, so I knew people would be asking what they could get her. I looked up list after list, toy after toy, trying to figure out what in the heck you give a one year old.

After much research (and allowing my daughter to peek and play with literally everything I got her), I’m confident the list I’ve compiled is one of the best first birthday gift lists out there! They’re an equal amount of colorful and fun, while also being educational, and sure to last for many years to come!

Here we go!

  1. InnyBin– A good chunk of my list is from Fat Brain Toys. They do a great job of coming up with toys that are both educational and fun. The InnyBin is one of those toys! The elastic bands going across make it a fun a game for your new toddler to try to get her hands in between, taking things in and out. It comes with the bin and six chunky shaped blocks. It’s great for developing fine motor skills and tactile exploration, to learning colors and shapes down the road!
  2. Dimpl– This toy is so simple, yet it even kept my three year old entertained. It’s another one from Fat Brain Toys that teaches cause and effect, as well as helps develop those fine motor skills yet again. It a great size that could easily be tossed in a diaper bag for on the go play! It even comes in a mini key chain size for true travel play!
  3. Story Blocks– If you read my quarantine activity post, you know I love story blocks. I talked about some story cubes I use with my three year old, but these blocks by Bannor Toys are much larger making them suitable for your one year old! Teach them to stack and knock down their blocks, while also teaching what each picture is. These can also transition with them through childhood as they learn to tell stories!
  4. Zippee– This is a toy I am beyond excited about. It has textured silicone cords that you pull from one end of the Zippee to the other. Among other things, it teaches problem solving, cause and effect, and motor skills. It’s colorful and is made of food grade silicone. It was created by parents with the help of doctors and therapists, so you know they’ve thought of everything!
  5. Suction Kupz– This is another toy by Fat Brain Toys. it encourages spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, and experimentation. The six colorful cups can stack and stick to any smooth surface like windows, counters, and bathtubs, making for limitless play. They’re made from food grade silicone so they’re even safe for your little to start learning how to use a cup!
  6. Wimzle– This toy could even keep me entertained! Each of the spheres features a different texture that teaches your little one to pull, grasp, spin, squeeze and explore. It’s great for eye hand coordination and sensory learning. The silicone even helps to soothe sore teething baby gums!
  7. MiniSpinny– This toy is not only fun because the wheels spin easily up and down the corkscrew pole, but it also includes seven different colors to start teaching your little one! Each of the wheels features a different number of spokes to help with early counting. It helps with color recognition, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills! There is even a larger version of this toy if you’re looking for even more fun!
  8. Wee Baby Stella– I initially bought this doll for my three year old, but it is so soft and squishy that I knew my soon-to-be one year old needed one as well. They come in multiple different skin tones, hair colors, hair styles, and outfits so you can find the perfect fit for your kiddo. They encourage tenderness, security, and imaginative play. The pacifier sticks on Stella with a magnet and more clothes can be purchased for extended play. The perfect first baby doll!
  9. Books- I don’t have a specific recommendation for this because everyone’s book “cup of tea” is a little different. Reading to kids is so important, even at this age. The more books, the better. I love getting ones with bright colors and pictures. My favorite books are by Nancy Tillman, so if you’re not sure where to start, those ones are great!
  10. Experiences- If you want to get a gift that isn’t exactly a material item, there are so many great experiences you can gift. Do you have a great zoo or children’s museum around your hometown? These are one of our favorites because at one year old, babies are just starting to really get into the exploration stage. Why not gift something they can do over and over all year long?

There ya have it, my top 10 FIRST birthday gifts. Are there any you would add to the list? Let me know below!

All my love,


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