Fun, New Reads for Kiddos!

Hello friends!

It’s been a long while since I’ve had a chance to hop on and chat with you all. Life sometimes gets in the way, and from time to time, we all need a little shutdown and restart period. The last couple of months have been that for me, so I appreciate your patience and understanding.

That being said, I’ve still been super busy growing a baby, raising my sweet girls, and trying all sorts of new products to share with you all.

One of those things are several children’s books written by a new online friend of mine, Kim Ann (@authorkimann on Instagram).

I received these books for free to review and post, but the thoughts in this article are entirely my own!

My girls LOVE books and would happily read all day long. Kim Ann sent my girls two of her books to read and review and, let me tell you, they begged to read them over and over. One of them was the story Cambri chose as her bedtime story every night for a week straight!

The two she sent were, Where Do Mermaids Go on Vacation? and Where Do Unicorns Go on Vacation?, both of which are adorable rhyming books with beautiful illustrations.

You can probably guess what each of those books are about, but they walk your child through the activities that mermaids and unicorns might do if they were going on vacation, such as going to a carnival or doing water ballet.

There are several other books in the vacation series, including ones for Elves, Santa, and Dinos. Kim Ann said she originally got the idea for the books around Christmas.

“My Go on Vacation series was something I thought of after Christmas when I thought about where all our Elf on a Shelf friends go after they return to the North Pole. I thought about where would they go on Vacation,” she said.

Kim has a total of 11 books and one coloring book, all of which are available on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble‘s website ( She is also currently running a kickstarter campaign for the preorders of two new books (which can be found at

Kim’s son is originally who inspired her to become a children’s book author.

“He was a 25 week preemie and spent 143 days in the NICU. I read to him everyday, which inspired his love of picture books that he still has today,” she said.

Kim lives in Southern California and said that she has always had a love of writing. She was a freelance writer for a time and primarily worked with non-profit publications.

Her inspiration typically comes from her everyday life. Two of her other popular series are the Rainbow Witch series, which includes several characters based on her daughter and other children they know, and the Goldy the Puppy books, which are inspired by her own dog.

Her books are fun, bright, colorful, and engaging for young kiddos of all ages. They will definitely be ones that my girls will read for several years to come and I am so excited to be able to purchase and read the rest of Kim’s books. They have easily and quickly become new favorites.

These are ones you don’t want to miss out on! I would encourage you to give Kim a follow on Instagram (@authorkimann) to see her newest pieces of work.

I’m always on the search for new books for both my kiddos and myself (I’m a bookaholic!), so if you have any recommendations, send them my way. Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts after getting one of Kim’s books! Drop them below!



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