Managing Our Chaos

When it comes to managing our life we’ve tried about 8,001 things. But with my husbands work schedule as a firefighter, and me primarily being a stay-at-home mom, nothing seemed to really fit our lifestyle. We consider ourselves equal in this marriage, so we both cook, clean, put the kids to bed, etc. and so forth.

After an insane amount of trial and error, we finally found a system that works for us. Having two kids and limited time, we needed something that was quick and easy, yet got the job done. Alas, our Cleaning Calendar was born! Here’s how it works.

(A peek inside our Cleaning Closet!)

Everyday we complete a series of small tasks, most only taking a few minutes to complete. Throughout the week there are daily tasks, a chore of the day, and a chore of the week, or “swing day.”

Every morning we complete three tasks: making our beds, emptying the dishwasher, and putting in a load of wash. If you have a “regular” job, you could do these before work. They only take a few minutes each, and seem set the tone for the entire day.

In the evening, after the kids go to bed, we complete our evening tasks. They are: folding and putting away the laundry, load the dishwasher, a quick sweep of the kitchen/dining room floors, and complete the chore of the day. If I have the time and energy, I like to get the chore of the day done earlier in the day, like when the girls are napping.

Now what’s the chore of the day? Well obviously it changes everyday and can be adjusted to fit your needs and lifestyle. For us, it’s:

Monday: Clean the Bathrooms (Get this one out of the way early in the week and be done with it!)
Tuesday: Dust
Wednesday: Vacuum (we have two dogs and a child that crawls, so this often gets done multiple times throughout the week. That’s ok too!)
Thursday: Mop the Floors
Friday: FREE DAY! (We’re a football family, so a free Friday night is important to us)
Saturday: Swing Day/ Catch Up Day
Sunday: Day of rest (free day!)

Ok, now for that swing day. These tasks seem more daunting than they really are and if you keep up on them, really don’t take long at all. The swing day changes every week. This is what we do:

1st Saturday of the month: Clean the oven, microwave, and fridge; clean out the cars.
2nd Saturday: Clean inside the windows and blinds (we slack here, but definitely do it more in the summer when you’re constantly touching the windows for that fresh summer air.)
3rd Saturday: Wipe down the walls, baseboards and doors (Those grubby kid fingers can leave more marks than you realize haha!)
4th Saturday: Wipe down the cabinets; change all bedsheets.

And there you have it: The easiest way that we’ve found to keep up on the house chores and calm the chaos! Even with this simplified calendar, sometimes life gets in the way and we miss a day. That’s ok! Just hop back on board the next day. We need to give ourselves a little extra grace when it comes to managing a household. When you’re keeping alive children, pets, and maintaining a marriage, your house can easily get away from you (trust us, we get there often!). This calendar helps us to stay on track and maintain our chaos.

What things would add or take out? We always love hearing your thoughts!

All my love,


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