All Aboard the Hot Mess Express!

Right now, with everyone being quarantined at home, we can feel like we should be more productive than ever. I definitely thought that’s how we would be. After all, we’re spending every minute in our house, we may as well keep it super clean, right? We should be doing ALLLLL the creative and fun activities with our kiddos that are home from school, right? I don’t know about for you, but that’s definitely not what is going on in the Hickey household. All aboard the Hot Mess Express, I’m your conductor, Chelsi.

Below is an actual picture of what my family room looks like right now. Toys scattered everywhere, clothes that need put away, floor that needs swept, all in its glory on display just for you! Embarrassing, right?

Being thrown off schedule, we are having a much harder time keeping our house clean, and where we should be doing a ton of extra learning activities with our kids, we just aren’t. I don’t know if we’re feeling less motivated and more chaotic being stuck inside, or what!

In a note of total transparency, once I get behind, it’s a bear for me to find the motivation to get caught up. It just feels so overwhelming, so rather than getting the ball rolling, I just don’t start at all. I’ve been using my phone more and sticking to my cleaning calendar less. Once I do complete my tasks for the day, I feel a hundred times better. Getting the motivation to start is most of the battle.

I’m guilty of often portraying a put together lifestyle on Facebook and Instagram. My kids are dressed super cute, always with a bow adorning the top of their freshly cleaned head. But let me just say, unless it’s picture time, we may not even leave our pajamas. That picture where my house looks put together, riiiiight outside the frame is the clutter I pushed to the side to get the perfect shot. Don’t laugh at me, I know you’ve done it too, and if you haven’t, pleeeease come give me some pointers on keeping my home spic and span with a toddler and baby.

I’ve pinned all sorts of fun learning activities to do with Cambri, my preschooler. I have great intentions of doing those things and I really want to be a “good mom,” going above and beyond at everything. That’s just simply not what happens in my house. Are my good intentions there, absolutely! But when you’re managing a house, kids, pets, a husband (although mine does SO much to help!), maybe a side hustle business, whatever, it can be so hard to find the time, or the motivation, to get the extra stuff accomplished. Does that make me a bad mom, ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Cambri doesn’t realize if I’ve curated special activities just for her daily lesson. She doesn’t care if my itinerary for the day is running right on track. She simply wants me down at her level, playing barbies, and play-doh, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk. Her new favorite is playing “jail.” And as strange as a game as I find that to be, she thinks it’s the most fun thing in the world for her “captive” (aka me) to try to escape through the lava. In the end, the captive always ends back in her “jail.”

Does she realize I didn’t come up with a matching and sorting game to go along with it? No! And where those types of learning activities are certainly important, especially when the kiddos aren’t in school, don’t let your focus be to be the perfect “Pinterest” mom. Your kids don’t care, your friends don’t care, your family doesn’t care, and, quite frankly, if someone does care that you don’t always have it all together, they don’t belong in your circle anyway.

Make Believe is the BEST!

Now, before any of this gets twisted, I LOVE doing Pinterest activities with my family. Cambri does enjoy doing something with mom and dad that’s out of the ordinary and changes up the routine. I’m simply saying, those activities don’t need to fill every part of every day. You shouldn’t feel like a “less-than” parent just because today you stayed in your pj’s, cooked easy mac for dinner, and didn’t throw in a single load of laundry.

So, mama, pour yourself a glass of wine (coffee, whatever your guilty pleasure is), put the kiddos to bed ten minutes early, plop down in front of Netflix to binge Gilmore Girls, and stuff your face with leftover Easter candy. We’ll all get through this season (of life, not Gilmore Girls, although we can do that too!) together. Today is a new day, and if that involves homemade play-doh and sidewalk paint, or simply getting dressed, you got this! And if you don’t “got this” today, there’s always tomorrow.

All my love,


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